Need a captivating new exhibit?

Whether a custom build, rental booth or some combination of the two, trust GES to create a show-stopping solution that’s sure to make you stand out from the crowd.


GES Custom Solutions
When It Has To Be Perfect

When you just have to have an exhibit that is uniquely yours, one that makes a powerful statement on the show floor that enthralls your audience, GES' custom exhibit solutions are the perfect choice. Our designers and craftsmen will create an exhibit that captures the very essence of your brand - your company - and creates an immersive experience that will be the talk of the show.


GES Rentals
When You Just Can’t Commit

Need an exhibit that wows attendees but lack the budget to own your own booth? Branding not settled and you need to exhibit anyway? Going to overlapping shows but your exhibit components are inadequate? GES rental exhibits are the answer!

Our extensive inventory of unique exhibit components and exhibit systems offers the flexibility and value that lets you rent an exhibit that looks, feels, and performs like a custom build. We’ll combine your ideas with our experienced team of dedicated account strategists and designers to bring your vision to life.

Undecided Whether To Buy Or Rent?

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