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EthnoMetrics℠ Technology

We deliver intuitive exhibit technology and analytics

Understanding your attendees' behavior is essential to improving ROI and engagement.

Our intuitive technology and analytics provides the insight you need.

We offer real-time attendee data patterns, scan history, venue heat maps and much more.


Best for attendee identification, session/event attendance or verification, convention center heat map, real-time reporting.

Video Tracking

Best for exhibits and resource centers, registration, sponsorships, common/service areas.

Smart Phone Tracking

Best for exhibit hall traffic, exhibit hall heat map, and traffic flow.

Instant Counting Mat

Best for exhibit hall entrances and real-time reporting.

How EthnoMetrics℠ works



Unlike other tracking solutions, our RFID technology is able to track attendee movements at a distance. Readers can scan up to 30 feet, without the need for line of sight interaction with event staff.

Our RFID technology can also provide unique feedback that allows organizers to view live attendee demographics and lists, along with interactive heat maps showing busy areas and details on individual breakout session attendance.

Using RFID technology in different ways can create on-site tools for enhancing the event attendees experience and generating on site engagement.

The analytics we provide include:

  • Real-time registration data
  • Search for specific attendees (by name)
  • Live dashboards via tablet, smart phone: visual heat map and traffic volume and flow
  • End of day/event reporting provided (PDF, Excel)

Video Tracking

Our video tracking system is a series of temporary overhead cameras in exhibit hall ceilings, or on poles in lobby areas.

We study exhibit hall traffic, providing detailed information on when your attendees walk the floor by the hour and day. This helps optimize the show schedule, from hours of operation to specific session times.

The analytics we provide include:

  • Registration: traffic volume and timing data
  • Exhibits/resources centers: design evaluation, staff performance, attendee engagement levels
  • Sponsorship/lounges: brand exposure and usage
  • Service Areas
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Smart Phone Tracking

The smart phone tracking system is made up of floor sensors throughout the exhibit hall to detect MAC addresses from attendees' smart phone devices.

The analytics we provide include:

  • Exhibit hall traffic volume and flow
  • Exhibit hall density: visual heat map and percentage of visitors by zone

Instant Counting Mat

Our counting mats provide real-time data and insight into attendee traffic flow. This will assist in determining strategic floor planning and scheduling for your exhibit.

The analytics we provide include:

  • Real-time data
  • Entrance and exit traffic volume
  • Areas with defined entries: new products, lounges, meeting rooms